Food For The Soul…

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Shivaay Delights


“Cooking with love, provides food for the soul” This is how I feel everyday when I cook for my family and friends and even more so, when I share my recipes and connect with you all…

I find myself cooking new varieties and different dishes everyday in order to keep it fun and interesting!

After all “variety is the spice of life!” I have yet many more spices and experiences to uncover!


I just wanted to do a Thank you! post to let you know how grateful I am from the bottom of my heart ♡ with all the support that I get daily and the love received from all of you, my wonderful friends!



Off to create something new now…so I’ll see you tomorrow @ Angie’s Fiesta Friday Party!

Much love, D x

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Pau Bhaji Khichdi

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Shivaay Delights


When I was younger, I never really took to mung dal khichdi. I found it bland unless it was teamed up with something tasty. I still ate it, knowing it was good for me.

For my children however, I have started to experiment and make different flavours of khichdi. Combining the general rice and lentil base in a “masalafied” vegetable base with different spices is something my children and even me have started to appreciate. This time I wanted a “Pau Bhaji” tasting khichdi and that’s exactly what I have here, to share with you all…


The weather here is gorgeous, enjoy your weekend, wherever you are my friends! Take care and I will see you soon…much love D x


A pizza pitta bread with the khichdi..For my little ones for more variation!


1 cup split mung dal
1 cup basmati rice
4-5 cups of water
1 medium courgette…

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Three new Black Currents for free- propagation using ‘layering’.

#AF&HN2014 and this one 🙂 My brother is propagating soft fruits 🙂

gardeningvix's Blog

20140406-084132 am.jpg

Last spring I pegged down a low hanging branch from my black current, in the hopes of getting a new plant from it and it’s worked a treat!

Propagation using layering is as easy as pie, I do like to take cuttings but this method may take longer but works a treat and it’s so simple!

All you need to do is take a low hanging supple branch and either peg, bury or pop a heavy stone on top of it. I covered mine with about 7cm of soil and gave it a good water. You can see in the picture I’m pointing to the original branch that I layered, look at all those fab roots and the wonderful growth! Also be careful not to snap the branch as you bring it down to soil level.

Another point, ensure that it is able to respond to layering! Plants such as…

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20140403-082311 pm.jpg

This is my Honeyberry, I bought it two years ago from a shop that was selling it off cheap. I felt so sorry for it I had to buy her and bring her home, (this happens to me a lot).

Honeyberry are actually a form of edible honeysuckle ‘Lonicera caerulea’ some people call them blue honeysuckle or edible honeysuckle. They originally come from Siberia, Northern China and Northern Japan. Like blueberries they are extremely high in antioxidants and vitamin C, but unlike blueberries they aren’t picky about their soil and will grow quite happily in most soil types. The berries make good jam or can be eaten fresh.

So far I have to say ‘she’ is a ‘tough old boot’. Last year whilst we were having work done on our house, the boys threw a load of top soil right on top of her in the raised bed. I didn’t…

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World Health Day and an open apple and marzipan tart …

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Lea Hogg


World Health Day this year focuses on Vector borne disease that kills over a million people every year, 660,000 from malaria alone. And living on a beautiful island blessed with so many good things, I wrote in my column today about wishing to remember those in less fortunate environments and at the very least appreciate what we have around us merely due to the circumstances of our birthplace or what may have brought us here.

I had some left over pastry yesterday and I simply hate to waste any food.

I made this open Apple Tart and covered the pastry with a thin layer of marzipan and topped the apples with cinnamon and honey. The great thing about it is that it takes under 10 minutes of prep time but looks impressive.

You will need:
A large pie dish or cake tin, you are only covering the bottom, this has…

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The birds sing, the sun shines and the People’s President is sworn in ….

#AceFoodNews2014 – Nice weather and longing for it in the UK to turn this 😦 into this 🙂

Lea Hogg


I sit in the garden, the weather is glorious and I am overwhelmed by the brilliant light we are accustomed to here, a brightness I appreciate so much after years of English gray skies. And as my minestra cooks indoors, I watch the inauguration of the 9th President on my IPad.


On the screen I see well-wishers from all walks of life as the President mingles with the crowds. Her Presidency will focus on diversity and inclusiveness. She is there for the people and she is adored by them.


Tonight, we are having a light supper of vegetable minestra with ham hock, peppered cheeselets and sourdough bread and you will not believe how good the local bread is….

1 kilo Vegetables of your choice, chopped and peeled, to include carrots, pumpkin, potatoes and zucchini
2 Stock Cubes
1 kilo pulses to include split peas, and barley, orange lentils, cannelloni beans…

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