Commemorating Freedom and the island’s Easter cookies….

#AF&HN2014 `Nice ‘ 🙂

Lea Hogg


It is a public holiday today and Freedom is celebrated on an island in the heart of the Mediterranean. For me a vague memory with the departure of the British forces in 1979 and an end of the military base here.


A day of independence, the birth of a new Republic followed by the eventual demise of the British Empire. Although Britain today is another island in Europe not dissimilar to ours apart from size (and weather!) and a fellow member of the union of a new Empire, being part of the Commonwealth is held in high esteem here with much respect for HRH Her Majesty the Queen.

And in my column in today’s paper, I am sharing Renato’s recipe for figolli almond cookies, something so very traditional made on the island for Easter. I made the blue bird in the picture above last year and due to a…

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