Cyclamen seed and propagation.

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In the depths of winter when everything is in it’s deep slumber, the trees look like great looming bones and not a flower is to be seen than a cheery cyclamen pops up pink, white, purple or red their bright colours seem to defy the darkness.

I think they are wonderful their patterned leaves and beautiful colours warm my heart. My mum treated me to some last year and they have been flowering all winter and even now in spring.

I was very excited to notice they have seed pods developing so I will be keeping a close eye on them and will wait to collect them. (I adore collecting seed it’s saves so much money, and I will be honest, it’s like collecting treasure.)

As you can see from my picture they aren’t quite ready yet, I have heard, when the time is right to collect as the stem…

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Popping up

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Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when your seeds start popping up from their little pots? A little seed, a pot, compost and a drink of water and up they come. Obviously a little warmth helps too, but it’s not rocket science.

Here’s are a little collection of flowers and vegetables from my allotment poly tunnel. I check them everyday and get so giddy when they emerge from the soil. It’s so exciting to watch them growing bigger and stronger.

(Don’t tell anyone, but I even say “good morning” to them when I walk into my poly tunnel). Hey what can I say? I was brought up to be polite!

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And away in the USA, Brian Emmett bakes Roasted Grape Bread

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The American Baking Competition has been one of the most popular cooking shows on CBS and it has been my pleasure to get to know US Celebrity Chef Brian Emmett, the winner of The American Baking Competition 2013.


In the paper today, I feature Brian and the start of an exciting series where he will bake some of our Mediterranean specialities at the same time that I bake his wonderful recipes with one of my favorite professional teams on the island.


We start off this series with Brian’s version of our Roasted Grape Bread.

And as Brian relaxes in Sanibel Island for a well-deserved break with Lisa and his two daughters Shay and Jules, from another beautiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean, my readers and I wish them a wonderful holiday and we cannot wait to carry on baking with him!


And for Brian’s roasted…

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Commemorating Freedom and the island’s Easter cookies….

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It is a public holiday today and Freedom is celebrated on an island in the heart of the Mediterranean. For me a vague memory with the departure of the British forces in 1979 and an end of the military base here.


A day of independence, the birth of a new Republic followed by the eventual demise of the British Empire. Although Britain today is another island in Europe not dissimilar to ours apart from size (and weather!) and a fellow member of the union of a new Empire, being part of the Commonwealth is held in high esteem here with much respect for HRH Her Majesty the Queen.

And in my column in today’s paper, I am sharing Renato’s recipe for figolli almond cookies, something so very traditional made on the island for Easter. I made the blue bird in the picture above last year and due to a…

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