Crispy Garlic Roasted New Potatoes…

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Shivaay Delights


I had to make and roast these again, as the potatoes were too good for boiling or steaming and my love of roasted/jacket potatoes got in the way! And rightly so! The outcome was gooooood! I didn’t want to peel them and roast them in the usual way but instead wanted to serve them as mini mini jacket potatoes with a crisp skin, that I just adore!


Again such a versatile ingredient and so cute and small that there was no need to parboil them. Just straightforward oil, garlic and herb coating and roast til perfection.

I also made hasselback potatoes but this time a healthier version with olive oil and not butter. We enjoyed both types with mature Cheddar cheese omelettes and freshly boiled veg! Superb comfort food for the weekend…I’m taking these along to Fiesta Friday Party over @ Angie’sknowing that you all love potatoes as much…

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