The People’s President … roasted butternut squash, sage and caramelized onions


Lea Hogg


I wake up this morning to what some of my readers have referred to as ‘a slice of paradise’. I believe summer is here to stay.


Today I am making one of my favorite quick meals of roasted butternut squash with sage and sauteed onions. It is delicious, quick and I cook it with the skin on, no frills and trimmings. This simplicity retains all of it natural nuttiness and the combination with caramelized onions is divine … You must try it !

And on the island very soon, the 9th president will be sworn in. She will be the second female president and the youngest since the island became a Republic 40 years ago. Far from the luxurious surroundings, the pomp and formality of the ceremony in the large City Cathedral, the new President has chosen to share one of the most glorious moments of any country with

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