Spilt Pea and zucchini soup with bacon or phoney baloney…..

#AF&HN2014 says #GFE

Lea Hogg


Another quick weekday meal today for the start of the week. There is something about Mondays…we are programmed to dislike Monday mornings as I still get a knot in my stomach in the same way I did on Sunday night when I lived in London and knew i had to leave my school age children early in the morning for another working week… living from one weekend to another and in a necessary blur for the rest of the week. There is no reason for me to feel like this now as I enjoy my weekdays even more than leisure activities most times but the feeling is here this morning as it is every Monday.

The soup today is mum’s recipe. It is made with zucchini and dried green spilt peas which I always have in my store cupboard. Split peas are very high in protein and low in fat…

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