Spilt Pea and zucchini soup with bacon or phoney baloney…..

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Lea Hogg


Another quick weekday meal today for the start of the week. There is something about Mondays…we are programmed to dislike Monday mornings as I still get a knot in my stomach in the same way I did on Sunday night when I lived in London and knew i had to leave my school age children early in the morning for another working week… living from one weekend to another and in a necessary blur for the rest of the week. There is no reason for me to feel like this now as I enjoy my weekdays even more than leisure activities most times but the feeling is here this morning as it is every Monday.

The soup today is mum’s recipe. It is made with zucchini and dried green spilt peas which I always have in my store cupboard. Split peas are very high in protein and low in fat…

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Sunday lunch … Rib Eye Beef Tagliata, oregano potatoes and sautéed mushrooms

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Lea Hogg


Yesterday my butcher Ian gave me instructions on how to cook a perfect steak and I left with some USDA prime beef rib eye steaks.

for the Steaks you will need

Depending on size and appetite, allow 150g to 300g of beef per person
Salt and Pepper

Always cook the steak from room temperature, never straight from the cooler.
Preheat pan by placing it on high heat.
Brush both sides of the steak lightly with olive oil.
Place steak on a very hot pan.
Turn it over and never cook a steak more than once on each side otherwise it will become tough.
I tend to season my steaks after they are cooked, especially when it is a good cut like this one as I want to make the most of its natural favors.
For my 300g steak, I cooked it 3 minutes on one side and 4 minutes…

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Daffodils in the garden and Tunisian Merguez Canapés

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Lea Hogg


Yesterday 58 years after its independence from France, Tunisia remembered this special day on a little island in the Mediterranean.

I visited the official residence of HE the Ambassador of Tunisia, Souad Gueblaoui in the morning to join her team of chefs while they made preparations for a formal evening reception to be attended by the President.


The kitchen of this sunny and spacious residence was buzzing as they decorated, stuffed and sliced. And I was only allowed to do some very LIGHT cooking and treated like a Princess ! no carrying and no heavy duty industrial equipment for me this time. I learnt some new tricks about Tunisian cuisine with its Mediterranean roots and a bit of a spicy kick. And I just love the ingredients, the fragrance and the freshness.

I am sharing with you today the special in-house recipe for Merguez Sausage Canapés but more traditional recipes…

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The People’s President … roasted butternut squash, sage and caramelized onions


Lea Hogg


I wake up this morning to what some of my readers have referred to as ‘a slice of paradise’. I believe summer is here to stay.


Today I am making one of my favorite quick meals of roasted butternut squash with sage and sauteed onions. It is delicious, quick and I cook it with the skin on, no frills and trimmings. This simplicity retains all of it natural nuttiness and the combination with caramelized onions is divine … You must try it !

And on the island very soon, the 9th president will be sworn in. She will be the second female president and the youngest since the island became a Republic 40 years ago. Far from the luxurious surroundings, the pomp and formality of the ceremony in the large City Cathedral, the new President has chosen to share one of the most glorious moments of any country with

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