The Dancers and an Irish Coffee Bread and Butter pudding

#AceFoodNews2014 says nice recipe never used `Irish Whiskey ‘ used `Tia Maria ‘ but with brioche l use Sherry when l cook it for my clients As a chef l love to see proper custard #GFE

Lea Hogg


I share with you today a photo from the party on Friday hosted by Ambassador Hennessy which many of you have asked about. The Dancers on a special visit to the island for St Patrick’s gave a magnificent performance. They wear blue which was the original color associated with St Patrick but over the years the tradition changed to the color of three leaf clover which St Patrick used to teach about the trinity.

And to carry on our Irish theme, Nadia and Adriana prepare a wonderful dessert of Irish coffee bread and butter pudding. It is divine and it will take you to another planet. It is made up of layers of bread dipped in butter and layered with apple and giant raisins, baked in an oven and then topped with a light custard of Irish Coffee. We even tried some pudding with a scoop of the girls’ home-made…

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