Happy feast day Mr J! and Nadia makes Cantucci

#AceFoodNews2014 says `Cantucci ‘ another new one on me #GFE

Lea Hogg


It is a public holiday on the island today and the name comes in all sorts of forms but to all the Josephs and Josephines I know and those i have yet to know, a happy feast day ! Happy Zeppoli Day !

Yesterday we were treated to the most brilliant natural light, something that many here take for granted because they have never been deprived of it. I get notes from some readers to tell me that I help to brighten their day and I thank you. The feedback means a lot to me and I am sharing a photo i took yesterday from outside the office where I had a meeting. For me this is a picture of hope.


From the darkness I am looking at the bright light, I try to find my wings and I want to learn to fly again. It is not difficult to…

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