Beer Lao…or something a little stronger?



I had always known Laos to be a country of somewhat lax drug laws. However, what surprised me the most the kind of exotic drinks available for tourists at every street corner. Do they think we’re stupid?

Bear Paw Whiskey Bear Paw Whiskey

Walking around Luang Prabang was often like a Potions class at Hogwarts. All kinds of anthromorphic concoctions designed to…well, designed to do what? Presumably to get the tourists drunk. Or to get them ill. Unsurprisingly, I stuck to my Beer Lao. There was no way I was going to try Bear Paw Whiskey, for example. Not in a million years! Who even dreams up these kinds of flavours?!

A much safer option? A much safer option?


In all seriousness, the rice whiskey business is huge in Laos. A local whiskey brand known as Lao-Lao often has an alcohol volume of over 55% and is a very popular beverage for Laotians, almost as popular as the much-safer option of…

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