` Vietnam a city under the siege of a `Measles’ outbreak with situation worsening as seasons change ‘

#AceHealthNews – Ho Chi Minh City is starting a grand vaccination campaign for measles as it is still spreading after two months of lack effort to combat the outbreak and the problem could worsen as the seasons change.

The city Preventive Health Department reported that 129 children had been infected with measles or suspected to in the first two months this year, up 21.5 times year-on-year.

It said the disease might spread further as March and April are usually its peak time.

Doctors have blamed the abnormal eruption of the disease on vaccination neglect.

The department estimated that around 5,000 children in the city have not been administered their first measles shot as they should have been, and those missing their second shots amounted to 25,000-30,000.
The city has prepared around 100,000 measles shots to provide to children starting this Friday.

Children in Vietnam are given their first measles shot at nine months old and the second at 18 months. The final shot increases the protection chance to 99 percent from 85 percent after the first shot, doctors said.

But a low rate of vaccination has opened doors for severe measles outbreaks that began in late January and killed six children in around 10 days in northern Vietnam, including Hanoi.

“We have been failing in vaccination for a long time,” said Dr. Le Truong Giang, former deputy director of the HCMC Health Department and now chairman of the city Community Health Association.

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