The promise of summer to come …. local rock fish in broccoli purée

#AFN2014 says #GFE

Lea Hogg


Ever since I started visiting the hotel I learnt so much about the right time to harvest vegetables, to capture them at the best time of their growth cycle, at the peak of their flavor and goodness. The surest way to know the authenticity of your organic food is to grow your own as they do here. Broccoli are gathered when the buds are still compact just before the florets begin to open. This is when the small tender leaves around them can be eaten, when their texture is perfect, just on the brink before the toughness starts to take over. Each vegetable and piece of fruit in the kitchen garden of this hotel is checked everyday and broccoli for example is cut at exactly six and a half inches below the flower head.

Saul Halevi prepared this fish during our cooking session. We used local Rock Fish but it…

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