Household Gadgets From The Past~Hint Added….

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Dishing It Out With Clarissa


Here are a few more hints for you all, and so far two people have guessed somewhat correctly, but just not the name or what this item does. So to help you all out I posted few more images on this gadget that may or may not look similar but they all do the exact same thing.



You don’t have to be a wiz in the kitchen, or an expert in antiques or household items past or present. But I am sure there may be one or two of you who will recall seeing an item posted, whether it was in your home, neighbor, or a relative.


If you have a kitchen or household gadget of your own that you would like to share. Just drop me an email with the photo, and description, if you bought it or if it was passed down and I’ll feature it with a link…

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