Pink sky at night sailor’s delight …. Arabella makes Vegetarian Spanish Tortilla

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Lea Hogg


I hope these beautiful pink skies tonight mean a much awaited-for sunny day for Carnival Parade tomorrow. We had a couple of rainy colder days.

For supper today, Arabella makes us all her wonderful Spanish Tortilla, a thick one cooked in lots of olive oil with chunky soft potatoes, and it will be delicious eaten cold the next day. I think this must be the most popular dish in Spain with tapas or cut up into small squares and served with drinks in most bars. You can clear out any left-overs in your fridge, chop and add them in. I am including Ari’s photo recipe with the finished dish first and a recipe at the end of the post for those of you who prefer it. Use the quantities that suit you and take your fancy….

The cooked tortilla


After cooking it on the stove top, place it under the…

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