Finally purple sprouting broccoli and Spring supper is served.

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My 6 year old daughter has waited for 50 weeks and finally the day has come! She can fill her little face with Purple Sprouting Broccoli. Funny how a 6 year old can get so excited about eating vegetables, but she does.

It’s one of our favourite meals for two reasons, one it’s simple and tastes lovely and two it means spring is finally here!

Quick and easy Spring Supper.

Purple sprouting broccoli
Curly kale smallest leaves are the best
Fresh oregano
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Smoked salmon fillet, but it works wonderfully as a vegetarian dish too!

Cook the pasta, gently wilt the veg in a frying pan with olive oil, add the herbs and garlic at the end, toss pasta into the pan and serve, easy!

And not one drop of chemical was used making these vegetables grow, honestly you simply don’t…

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Crispy Garlic Roasted New Potatoes…

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Shivaay Delights


I had to make and roast these again, as the potatoes were too good for boiling or steaming and my love of roasted/jacket potatoes got in the way! And rightly so! The outcome was gooooood! I didn’t want to peel them and roast them in the usual way but instead wanted to serve them as mini mini jacket potatoes with a crisp skin, that I just adore!


Again such a versatile ingredient and so cute and small that there was no need to parboil them. Just straightforward oil, garlic and herb coating and roast til perfection.

I also made hasselback potatoes but this time a healthier version with olive oil and not butter. We enjoyed both types with mature Cheddar cheese omelettes and freshly boiled veg! Superb comfort food for the weekend…I’m taking these along to Fiesta Friday Party over @ Angie’sknowing that you all love potatoes as much…

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South Of The Border Taco Soup-Slow Cooker Marvel

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Dishing It Out With Clarissa


From south of the border comes this spicy and hearty soup ladled over crisp tortilla strips, and can be topped with an endless list of many fresh ingredients.


Tortilla soup or in this case my “Taco Soup encompasses all things I love in Mexican cooking. Do you love fresh salsa? sliced avocado? cilantro? fresh hot tortilla strips? Taco soup is a balance of flavors from enchilada sauce, seasoned taco meat, fresh peppers, corn, and of course beans. For me soup becomes a lot more interesting when it’s seasoned with Mexican spices and chili powders.


Taco soup is also one of those “go to dishes” and a great “help yourself” sort of meal. Everyone can jazz up their bowl of soup the way they want it. I love to make this during cool weather using my extra-large slow cooker, and then lay out a variety of fresh toppings, that no two bowls look…

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Hot Chilli Tomato Chutney!

#AceFoodNews2014 says just love `Spicy Chutney ‘ nice one #shivaaydelights

Shivaay Delights


A hot, fiery, tangy chilli chutney sure to awaken all your senses and tingle your tastebuds. I made this extremely quick condiment to go with my spinach flatbreads last night.

My husband loves this chutney and I made it extra hot as we both fancied something a little out there and boy was it gooood! You can vary the heat or spice according to taste. By making a mild version (leaving out the chilli) it can be used as a great dip for little ones and introduces their palettes to something different. Give it a go and let me know…look forward to chatting to you all my friends…Have a tremendous Thursday! Much love D x



6 medium tomatoes chopped
4 hot green finger chillis chopped
1 tbsp sunflower oil
⅓ tsp cumin seeds
½ tsp salt
½ tsp dried coriander leaves
⅓ tsp garlic granules
pinch of sugar

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