Linguine with zucchini ribbons, lemon and mint

#AFN2014 says `Gorgeous ‘ just love Italian cooking and will try some of your recipes, when time 🙂 #chefstips

italy on my mind

This season I planted four zucchini (courgette) seedlings in mamma’s garden. I’d put them all in one garden bed and my brother-in-law, who also plants vegetables in mamma’s large garden suggested that I might like to move a few plants as zucchinis take up so much room when they mature. As I had never planted them before, I took his advice and moved two to an adjacent bed. Lucky I did as they have grown simply enormous in a short period of time and are threatening to take over the adjacent eggplants and chilli plants. Imagine if I hadn’t moved them! I visit mamma once or twice a week and I swear that the zucchini plants double in size between visits. I always come home with several (though not generally the ones with the flowers still attached – the photo below was taken at the Rialto market in Venice) so…

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