Lessons in an Italian Cooking Class

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From Italy, With Love

“You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Three years ago when I had just gotten to Italy and Marco and I had just met, he told me this as if it was the eleventh commandment.

For me it was something new – I had considered weather influencing bread about as much as I had ever considered baking bread. That is, not at all. For Marco it was a well-lived fact, one he learned with love and experience from his great-aunt who lived with them and apparently often baked bread.

Now, three years later Marco and I were celebrating our first-ever Valentine’s day as a married couple at a cooking class, Pasta and Pane (bread), in a tiny room with other awkward couples and a chef telling us: “You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Apparently, the weather interferes with the yeast and the bread doesn’t rise well. See, like with most things…

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