Cauliflower and chickpea ‘shish taouk’…so much fabulous flavour…




I’ve had this recipe ready to share for the past week, but I was so happy with it, I kept it to myself all week, almost to protect it in case none of you liked it!!! I do hope you like the look of it and maybe give it a go, the flavours and textures are so good, this is definitely food straight from my heart, food that feeds my soul, and makes me smile :))

Following on from the success of my cauliflower and chickpea dish last week, a plan started forming in my mind…I regularly make ‘shish taouk‘, Lebanese marinated chicken kebabs, for my menfolk and friends and family; I love the smell of the marinade, even more so as it cooks, and everyone I’ve ever made it for has loved it, but I’ve never had the chance to enjoy it too.

I’ve tried out marinating…

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Vegetarian Farfalle with arugula from mum’s garden… A quick weekday meal !

#AceRecipeNews says really nice and fresh and love the taste of rocket, so will give arugula a try. #ChefsTips4GFE

Lea Hogg


Back to the weekday routine and a quick easy meal for today. This pasta is so simple yet delicious and I use a mix of cooked and uncooked ingredients. I like using farfalle with this dish as they do not become soggy and this pasta is also wonderful as a salad if you have left overs.

Zucchini are in season on the island and very cheap in the market and I used arugula that mum grows. The local variety has a stronger taste and aroma than what you are probably used to. The leaves are larger and tougher but I chop it and stir it into the pasta at the very end and it has a ‘bite’ both in texture and flavor !

With 10 minutes start to finish prep time and ready to eat, you will need

Farfalle 1 pkt of 1 lb or 454g, I use Barilla

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Linguine with zucchini ribbons, lemon and mint

#AFN2014 says `Gorgeous ‘ just love Italian cooking and will try some of your recipes, when time 🙂 #chefstips

italy on my mind

This season I planted four zucchini (courgette) seedlings in mamma’s garden. I’d put them all in one garden bed and my brother-in-law, who also plants vegetables in mamma’s large garden suggested that I might like to move a few plants as zucchinis take up so much room when they mature. As I had never planted them before, I took his advice and moved two to an adjacent bed. Lucky I did as they have grown simply enormous in a short period of time and are threatening to take over the adjacent eggplants and chilli plants. Imagine if I hadn’t moved them! I visit mamma once or twice a week and I swear that the zucchini plants double in size between visits. I always come home with several (though not generally the ones with the flowers still attached – the photo below was taken at the Rialto market in Venice) so…

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Lessons in an Italian Cooking Class

#AFN2014 says `Love Making Bread as a Chef’ nice post and #chefstips

From Italy, With Love

“You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Three years ago when I had just gotten to Italy and Marco and I had just met, he told me this as if it was the eleventh commandment.

For me it was something new – I had considered weather influencing bread about as much as I had ever considered baking bread. That is, not at all. For Marco it was a well-lived fact, one he learned with love and experience from his great-aunt who lived with them and apparently often baked bread.

Now, three years later Marco and I were celebrating our first-ever Valentine’s day as a married couple at a cooking class, Pasta and Pane (bread), in a tiny room with other awkward couples and a chef telling us: “You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Apparently, the weather interferes with the yeast and the bread doesn’t rise well. See, like with most things…

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