Household Gadgets From The Past


Dishing It Out With Clarissa


It’s been several months since I’ve posted a new “Household Gadgets Of The Past” post, in fact this is my third post in a week. This translate to I have been away far too long, and normalcy is welcomed with open arms. I’m not one to air my laundry, just welcoming all good vibes, from awesome people!!

One of the things I enjoy doing is looking for unique household gadgets from yard sales to goodwill stores. I tanked on my recent venture for aged and unique treasures, but my sister Helen didn’t, as she found a mother load of gadgets for me!!

You don’t have to be a wiz in the kitchen, or an expert in antiques or household items past or present. But I am sure there may be one or two of you who will recall seeing an item posted, whether it was in your home, neighbor…

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