Food from China, tainted and dangerous?



The U.S. will be sending chickens to China to be processed there then sent back to the USA for consumption. Problem is China has a miserable record when it comes to food safety. Some recent examples of China’s horrendous examples of food safety:

1 – 50,000 children sickened, 4 died, from tainted baby formula with melamine
2 – Hong King discovered eggs contaminated with melamine
3 – 12,000 dead pigs in a river leading to Shanghai
4 – Avian influenza or bird flu in chicken flocks this year, 44 people died
5 – Nearly half of rice sold in Guangzhou this year tainted with cadmium
6 -In Europe, China shipped: a) Potatoes infested with insects b) Ginger laced with salmonella c) Pumpkins seeds containing glass chips d) Frozen calamari contaminated by arsenic
7 – 2007 Chinese fish product imports halted in USA for high levels of illegal antibiotics and chemicals

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