#US : Fast Food Chain Sub-Way `Convinced by Food Babe’ to Remove `Asthma-Causing-Chemical’ from Bread”


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#AceNewsServices says a `Blogger Convinces Subway‘ to remove `Asthma-Causing Chemical’ from bread.

The Subwayfast food chain, one of the largest bread bakers in the world, announced Wednesday that it will remove a chemical in its bread that drew the attention of a health blogger. Azodiacarbonamide is a chemical used to increase elasticity in bread, and can also be found in products such as shoe rubber and yoga mats.

StopUsingAzodicarbonamide1The chemical has been linked to asthma and other maladies and is banned from human consumption inEurope. Vani Hari, the blogger behind FoodBabe.com, began her campaign against Azodiacarbonamideafter US First Lady Michelle Obama praised Subway’s kids’ menu.
“We are already in the process of removing Azodiacarbonamide as part of our bread improvement efforts despite the fact that it is USDA and FDA approved ingredient,” Subway said in a statement. “The complete conversion to have…

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2 thoughts on “#US : Fast Food Chain Sub-Way `Convinced by Food Babe’ to Remove `Asthma-Causing-Chemical’ from Bread”

  1. You really need to be careful about food these days. It seems like we’re eating chemicals and coloring, instead of real food. When we lived in Rome we ate a couple of times at Subway, it wasn’t bad, but the bread wasn’t that great. Here in Trapani we have numerous bread shops which make fabulous bread, it’s made with REAL flour:)


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