Sugar talks

#AF&HN2014 says as a Chef' l would say no sugar is good for you -eat fruit which containsNatural Sugars’ #chef-tips




  Hey everyone,

  Today I would like to talk a bit about sugar stuff. I don’t want to write large posts describing  how bad it is for our health, I honestly feel that I need to write just a few lines about amount of sugar that is recommended for us, some of plausible consequences of its over consumption and provide  a list of products that contain high amount of this product. Just simple facts in order to make information to be clear and straightforward.

 Overall,  the current situation with sugar consumption in the US looks not in the best possible light. According to recent estimations, an average american consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar everyday, while american teens have even a worse situation consuming closer to 34 teaspoons. We all should take into account that eating too much sugar can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, high…

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