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Recipe for delicious sausage borscht

#AF&HN says ” Recipe for Sausage Borscht” #enjoy

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Borscht is woefully underappreciated in America. This classic dish from Russia (and much of Eastern Europe, in fact) not only is a great way to eat a ton of vegetables, it also can be incredibly delicious.

But it generally has a bad reputation. People think of it as a cold, stringy and mostly bland soup. While it can be served cold, that’s by no means the rule. And as for the stringy and bland part, no way. Borscht can get a stringy or mushy texture if it’s overcooked. But so can pasta, so it’s really just a matter of paying attention.

And if you’ve had a bland borscht, you just haven’t had a good one. The key is to start it off right – a nicely sauteed onion and spicy pork sausage. They add tons of flavour and a great hit of protein that makes this a substantial soup that…

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