China Wal-Mart surprise: How did fox meat get into donkey products?

#AceFoodNews says ” Discovery of Fox in Donkey Meat Products In China’s #Walmart as it is contaminated #healthandsafety

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Wal-Mart recalled donkey meat – a delicacy in northern China – because of contamination

By Peter Ford


If the discovery of “pink slime” in American hamburgers and horsemeat in European ones made you squeamish, read no further.

Wal-Mart has just recalled donkey meat products from some of its stores in China because tests have found them to be contaminated with fox meat.

Donkey is a delicacy in northern China. Fox is not.

Fox meat smells rank, according to those who know. But it is cheap (less than 50 US cents a pound) because Chinese farmers who raise foxes for their fur have no use for the animal carcasses once they have been flayed.

Food processing companies get away with mixing in a little fox with whichever meat they claim to be selling by using products such as “The King of Rank Smell Removers.” For more details (and a pretty…

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