Joe Fortes Executive Chef Wayne Sych’s smoked steelhead

#AceFoodNews says this looks great have used same recipe with Salmon but never tried Steel-head so cannot comment #chefs-tips

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Smoked Steelhead

serves 4


4 x 180g          steelhead or salmon filets

30ml                olive oil

20ml                vegetable oil

15ml                unsalted butter

1                      shallot, minced

40ml                leeks, sliced, white part only

120ml              white wine

180g                assorted mushrooms, cleaned and chopped

30ml                chopped chives

500ml              heavy cream

240g                fresh aspargagus, cut in 2” lengths on the bias

12-16pc           fresh large ravioli, your choice of flavours, squash, artichoke, mushroom

Let smoker run for 20 minutes prior to placing the fish in.

The smoking of this fish is not to cook it but to give it a smoky flavor. The cooking is done in a hot pan to give the flesh a crispy texture. If you do not have the option to cold smoke then skip this step and just serve it pan seared. Brush the filets with olive oil place skin side down on smoker racks. Place in smoker and cold smoke the…

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