Study Claims Unlisted Ingredients in Supplements Are Dangerous

#AceHealthNews – most of the time people take a supplement as they have either a poor diet, or do not eat correct nutrition in the first place! This is understandable given the fast pace of life, but it gave health product companies a golden opportunity to climb on the band wagon of profit and now it is as l say so often #profitb4people instead of #peopleb4profit


Researchers at the University of Guelph (UoG) have released a study claiming that commercial herbal products (CHP) contain many dangerous unlisted ingredients, fillers and cheap alternatives.

Forty-four products from 12 separate corporations were tested . It was determined that 60% of CHP contain plant species not referred to on their labels.

Fillers added to 32% of products tested were:

• Rice
• Soybeans
• Wheat

This poses a problem for persons with allergies and needing gluten-free products.

This study is being painted as a warning to consumers who have “a right to see all of the plant species used in producing a natural product on the list of ingredients.”

Steven Newmaster, lead author of the study and professor of integrative biology at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (BIO) said : “There is a need to protect consumers from the economic and health risks associated with herbal product fraud. Currently there…

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