BREAKING NEWS!!! Brazil …..

#AceFoodNews great post DRX and good news for the Brazil but still so much in the offing as day after day Monsanto patents even more ,also what about the seed bank? Who has got control over their use ,should the day come when people exceed resources? #SayNo2GMO

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Brazil .....

Brazil Judge Rules against Monsanto over Seed Agreements

The background to this story is that last year the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that Monsanto had collected royalties from farmers illegally for its RR1 soybeans and that the company must refund the farmers.


Monsanto then reached a deal with Famato and other farmers’ unions. The deal was that farmers who wanted to plant RR2 Intacta soybeans would sign an agreement with Monsanto at point of purchase, waiving their rights to a refund of the illegally collected royalties.

Any farmer who signed the agreement would also be signing away other important rights. He would grant Monsanto the right to enter and inspect his property at any time. The farmer would be left completely vulnerable to ANY decisions the company might make, including royalty fee increases or having part of his harvest confiscated – and he would agree not to sue…

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