Sainsbury’s smoked haddock – is it really smoked?

I realise your comments box was closed Ron but looking into Tescos latest advert on UK TV and it purports to be smoked ,wondered if you knew anything? Here is a link as a guide
Any help you can give gratefully received.

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I’ve written here before about the absurd wetness of Sainsbury’s smoked haddock, a fish that has supposedly gone through two processes – brining, then smoking – which would naturally reduce the moisture content, not increase it (fish, despite its environment, is not actually waterlogged).

Then, today, for reasons which still elude me, I

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Yum! Climate change means more mercury in fish

#AceFoodNews certain fish at the bottom of the food chain , will begin absorbing more mercury due to being bottom feeders, and fish like the good old Mackerel full of Omega 3 could suffer, with mercury poisoning #climate-change


Climate change is ruining beer, maple syrup, chocolate — even your favorite Cosby sweater. Now we can add fish to the list. SWELL.

Basically, warming waters make killifish hungrier, according to new research. Then these bitty fish at the bottom of the food chain eat more mercury-tainted food than usual, storing lots of metal in their tissue as a present for everyone up the food chain, from tuna to humans. Mercury: The gift that keeps on giving! (Did we mention it’s increasingly in bird eggs too?)

Quoth the Washington Post:

[K]illifish at the bottom of the food chain will probably absorb higher levels of methylmercury in an era of global warming and pass it on to larger predator fish, such as the tuna stacked in shiny little cans in the cupboards of Americans and other people the world over.

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Supreme Court will hear challenge to EPA’s power-plant rules

#AceHealthNews will the EPA decide that making the right decision in favour of the people, rather than keeping businesses happy! Time for telling it as it really is, not their own version of the #truth


America’s power plants are among the world’s leading sources of greenhouse gas pollution. And their owners secured a legal victory on Tuesday that could help them stay that way.

We’ve written at length about the Obama administration’s efforts to clamp down on power plant emissions. The EPA’s proposed rules would make it difficult to operate dirty coal-fired plants and would help slow down global warming. But the decades-overdue rules don’t delight everybody: They have pissed off some powerful and deep-pocketed polluters.

Conservative states, big business and fossil fuel groups have lined up to challenge the rules in court, arguing that they are far-reaching and intrusive. They say the court’s 2007 Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency ruling only directed the federal government to regulate tailpipe emissions under the Clean Air Act — and that it fell short of granting the EPA the authority to regulate “stationary” power plant emissions.

On Tuesday…

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Sweet & Spicy Tomato Chutney

#AceFoodNews – As a chef l do not get time to make my own tomato chutney, but my brother has his won allotment and had a glut this year ,so waiting to try his, mouthwatering already, maybe ready for chrimble! Nice recipe so liked and re-blogged!

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20130908-030956 PM.jpg

The tomato jungle is beginning to take over the Poly tunnel. So it’s time to take action and get making chutney.

I’m not an expert at cooking but I will have a go and wow it’s good! It’s not as spicy hot as I wanted but at least my 6 year old daughter will eat it. To be honest she will eat spicy food but I didn’t want to go crazy. You may want to add extra chilli sauce to give it an extra kick, or even better actual chilli’s.

What I used

A collider of Tomatoes halved or quartered depending on size
2 large onions roughly chopped
1/2 cup of brown sugar
2 teaspoons of whole grain mustard
2 table spoons of smoky Tabasco sauce
2 tablespoons of hot chilli sauce.
200ml of white balsamic vinegar

And you lob it all in a big pan, bring to the boil…

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