A unique tart with Jujube and Mediterranean Pomegranate!

#AceFoodNews this is one pomegranate l have not ever cooked with personally, great post! #chef-tips


In the garden is a very rare tree producing very rare mahogany roundish fruits.

Unlike the date though, the fresh crispy ones taste even better than the soft crinkly fruit when it ripens.

How can I describe the flavor? It is like eating the best tasting apple with a caramel undertone. This is the jujube, the Korean, Chinese or Indian date …. a pop-in-the-mouth morsel full of flavor.
A very unusual fruit and quite delicious, yet I find I am unable to eat too many…. In Texas Jujube has become very trendy recently and is being cultivated and sold as a dried health food.

I wish to create a recipe using jujube as an ingredient. I have a good think about it as the fruit is so scarce and I only have the chance of a small bowlful to experiment with. I decide to leave the jujube in its natural…

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