Changes To Affordable Health Care – On The Cards- Private Healthcare Companies – Benefit for Some – Not All

The logo of CIGNA HealthCare, the health insur...

The logo of CIGNA HealthCare, the health insurance company operating under CIGNA Corporation. CIGNA HealthCare delivers employee benefit plans across the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Affordable Care Act is the end of the beginning of reform, this started on October 1, 2013, that law will signify the beginning of the end of the health insurance industry as we know it.

According to Wendell Potter a former CEO at Cigna he said at a leadership retreat that what kept him up at night was the fear that big health insurance corporations might someday be viewed as unnecessary middlemen, that their “value proposition” would come under scrutiny and found to be wanting. That insurance companies would, to use his term, be dis-intermediated.

Well finally after years of receiving healthcare that so many Americans could not afford, finally arrives!  It begins with most of the attention being focused on the glitches that will inevitably occur when the switch is flipped and the long-awaited health insurance marketplaces (also called exchanges) finally go live.

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What does this really mean to the consumer of such services and how will it affect the health care market as many companies vie for their share of a the huge financial rewards, as finally they find their way to the end of that rainbow, and reap the rewards from that elusive pot of gold!

This now expanding market will start to grow with many other companies joining the fray, looking for their share of a decreasing pot, so it will become a dog eat dog world the bigger fish devouring the littler fish ,until one we will have two or three massive conglomerates ,just like the bankers of wall street!

My own feelings are that what started off with a really good idea of providing health-care for all those that had never had it before, unless they could afford private healthcare,  the true cost will be bourne out by the people who pay their taxes! Even though this is a little like the ” UK National Insurance Contribution” that many citizens argued about for years, but now wish that successive governments had not squandered their money ,in the name of “Private Healthcare” – so l feel this is really role reversal time!

So what of the future for this new  system, nicknamed Obama Care, well maybe one day it could be a real legacy, that the Americans can look back at, and say well it really was worth it in the end!

I really hope so and pray that it does not get abuse by the money-making corporations, so much so that every service becomes a contract of making profit and not giving care ,as care should be applied, not just spoken!

Ask yourself this question – is not health a nation more important that wealth of a nation? As a healthy nation of happy and content people, will provide a better social environment and eventually God willing ,a wealthy and prosperous nation working together as one.     


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Protecting Older Peoples Human Rights – According to the latest review

Local authorities should change how they commission home care, and in particular ensure that workers are paid the minimum wage, according to a review of care published today by the Commission.

Local authorities should change how they commission home care, and in particular ensure that workers are paid the minimum wage, according to a review of care published today by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

The report warns that the way care is currently commissioned is unsustainable, leading to inadequate pay, poor working conditions for care workers and increasing threats to older people’s human rights.