Social Service Agent’s Fabricating And Falsifying Evidence

#AceHealthNews – Care should not involve laws that are not fair and honest to the person that we should be caring for, it is their life that matters more than ours!

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Social Service Agent’s Fabricating And Falsifying Evidence
Closeness to a subject does not mean you’re incapable of being neutral, but it may incline you towards some bias.
via Conflicts of Interest.
“Around the 8th October 2008, there is a knock on the door, no response to my calls. Eventually the person responded, stating that they are from social services, I ask them for proof, they put this card through the letterbox and then I opened the door. The rest is history!” Continue reading →
Camile Warrington
March 17, 2011 at 5:26am

I am here wasting all this time fighting and hoping that one day a miracle would happen and I get back what is rightfully mine.  Those people are just heart less. They visit these kids in care and see their turmoil yet they just ignore it go home to their families and have a happy time.


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