International Day of Older Persons

Really nicely written article and just wanted to share, as my personal involvement in the care industry relates to my own mother ,and how the care services apply care in the UK! Have for past 5 years been caring and meetings after meetings have witnessed that “Care In The Community” needs not just saying but applying! #AceHealthNews

The Reluctant Retiree

  • GG: I am blessed to have a following of younger readers.  Those of you who are worrying about the future of your parents or grandparents may find something of interest in this post.  Otherwise, you might like to take a raincheck on this one 🙂

Tuesday October 1st was the International Day of Older Persons.  I had never heard of such a day until a week ago.  That was when our resident manager mentioned it in relation to a film that the village operator was making.  Would some of us participate in an interview?  All we had to do was answer a few questions on camera.  A group of us agreed without delving into the why’s and wherefores.

IRT (Illawarra Retirement Trust), the owner and operator of the complex in which we live, own around thirty retirement villages.  So they armed one of their employees with a camera and a…

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4 thoughts on “International Day of Older Persons

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about my post. I hope your readers find something of value in what I had to say. Ill health forced my own mother to be in care for 31 years (not a misprint) until her recent death at 93. Over that time, the standards kept increasing (good thing), but it meant we had to find her a new place each time (awkward for us and a difficult adjustment for her), and each one became more “hospital like” because of the way (Australian) government funding was allocated. GG


    • Sorry to hear about your mother and caring for that long is really hard, my mother did the same for her mum, and she made her life really hell! It was a blessing when she died gave my mum her life, then my dad died at 55 that was 29 years ago in December! She has never ever celebrated Christmas since, l work in a care home with my partner, she is a chef and l am her santa’s helper for the day and more! The care in the UK is decreasing not getting better as the present government strives for a place for those that can afford it, not those who really need it! Many of my posts on and reflect my feelings of Care not being applied! Anyway look forward to more of your writing, speak again soon. Regards Ian {real name]


      • Thanks Ian. We have a somewhat different pension system in Australia to the UK. In 1992 the then government introduced compulsory superannuation. It means many of us are self-funded retirees. So for some of us, we have more options. But there is still a large contingent dependent on the aged-care system, and it is not a great place to be, even if they do keep increasing the standards. (And what a sad story for your mum – I feel for her).


      • Thanks l really appreciate your comments, without family in the UK the elderly do not get looked after in the correct way! I have studied healthcare from the inside out, in a private home, charitable home and in the community, it all comes down a few people! Be it family, friends or others!


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