International Day of Older Persons

Really nicely written article and just wanted to share, as my personal involvement in the care industry relates to my own mother ,and how the care services apply care in the UK! Have for past 5 years been caring and meetings after meetings have witnessed that “Care In The Community” needs not just saying but applying! #AceHealthNews

The Reluctant Retiree

  • GG: I am blessed to have a following of younger readers.  Those of you who are worrying about the future of your parents or grandparents may find something of interest in this post.  Otherwise, you might like to take a raincheck on this one 🙂

Tuesday October 1st was the International Day of Older Persons.  I had never heard of such a day until a week ago.  That was when our resident manager mentioned it in relation to a film that the village operator was making.  Would some of us participate in an interview?  All we had to do was answer a few questions on camera.  A group of us agreed without delving into the why’s and wherefores.

IRT (Illawarra Retirement Trust), the owner and operator of the complex in which we live, own around thirty retirement villages.  So they armed one of their employees with a camera and a…

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