Instant Alert: This Is What The Sting From Those Killer Hornets In China Looks Like


So of these images are graphic so please be aware.

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This Is What The Sting From Those Killer Hornets In China Looks Like

by Geoffrey Ingersoll on Oct 3, 2013, 1:37 PM

Forty-one people have died and more than 1,600 have been injured by a series of hornet attacks in China.

[WARNING: The images below are graphic]

The insect responsible for the deaths is the Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia), which has a 6 millimeter stinger that injects its victim with venom containing a neurotoxin that is "powerful enough to dissolve human tissue," according to The Australian.

The hornet season typically lasts from May to November, but warmer weather that has led to more successful breeding could be to blame for an unexpected number of attacks this year, according to LiveScience.

Local mayors have dispatched firefighters to systematically destroy the hornet nests.

These images from a local news report posted to LiveLeak show how the sting appears to make a hole in the human flesh.

Man stung

Those who are stung are advised to seek immediate medical treatment.

Man Stings

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Dementia striking 30 year olds (Video) . . . my question is , "Why, why now — and at such a young age? What is really causing this? ~J

The Striatum; part of the basal ganglia; neura...

The Striatum; part of the basal ganglia; neural pathways between the striatum and the frontal lobe have been implicated in planning function. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I look after my mother as part of my life, she is 90 and has dementia ,but l did a study at college looking at this very subject! The main causes being studied back in the 90’s was the exhaust fumes from cars, also various foods and materials we use, and also what they call “slip of the tongue syndrome” which starts due to our pace of life, trying to cram too much into the neural pathways of our brain! The investigation goes on and a great post shared, liked and sent to my network! #AceHealthNews




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Various homeopathic remedies

Various homeopathic remedies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just loved this from a person on Facebook and a Group l follow – really heartfelt!


Jeevani Wickramatunga posted in Corporate Trainers


Jeevani Wickramatunga
Jeevani Wickramatunga 4 October 18:53

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