MEDICAL CORNER ….. Natural toothpaste ….. without fluoride!!

Another excellent article courtesy of Dr Rex this time relating to Flouride Toothpaste as this extract states Fluoride toothpaste is the most widely used and rigorously evaluated fluoride treatment. Its introduction in the early 1970’s is considered the main reason for the decline in tooth decay in industrialized countries, and toothpaste appears to be the single common factor in countries where tooth decay has declined. Toothpaste is the only realistic fluoride strategy in many low-income countries, where lack of infrastructure renders water or salt fluoridation infeasible. However, it relies on individual and family behavour, and its use is less likely among lower economic classes; in low-income countries it is unaffordable for the poor. Fluoride toothpaste prevents about 25% of cavities in young permanent teeth, and its effectiveness is improved if higher concentrations of fluoride are used, or if the tooth-brushing is supervised. Fluoride mouthwash and gel are about as effective as fluoride toothpaste; fluoride varnish prevents about 45% of cavities. By comparison, brushing with a non-fluoride toothpaste has little effect on cavities. and the dangers as such! Also the water and its changes with introduction of flouride took place over a number of years as follows – The history of water fluoridation can be divided into three periods. The first (c. 1901–1933) was research into the cause of a form of mottled tooth enamel called the Colorado brown stain. The second (c. 1933–1945) focused on the relationship between fluoride concentrations, fluorosis, and tooth decay, and established that moderate levels of fluoride prevent cavities. The third period, from 1945 on, focused on adding fluoride to community water supplies.

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MEDICAL CORNER ..... Natural toothpaste ..... without fluoride!!


The message claims that most toothpastes available today contain Fluoride which is supposed to prevent tooth decay, but is a dangerous chemical that can lead to several health issues in children and adults as well. The story is a mixture of hoax and facts however.

Fluoride is a chemical ion of the element fluorine and is found naturally in water, foods, soil, and several minerals like fluorite and fluorapatite. It can also be synthesized in laboratories where it may be added to drinking water or can also be used in a variety of chemical products like toothpastes. It is also available in other food items like meat, fish, eggs, and tea leaves, and when they are consumed, the fluoride enters our bloodstream and is eventually absorbed by our teeth and bones.

Fluoride, in limited quantities, is important for eroded tooth enamel and damaged teeth as it helps…

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Healing A Broken Heart – A Really Heart Warming True Story


This is a heart-warming story about a daughter who saved her father’s life with food.

On her way off to Ecuador, she had a premonition of something negative that was going to happen to her dad. She returned home, got out of the airport, and her sister told her that he was having multiple heart attacks and looking at a quadruple bypass. Their mother had cervical cancer.

Fortunately for the dad involved, his daughter, Dina Knight, understood the simple difference between healthy and unhealthy food.