Toxic UK: pesticide levels in our food are rising

This is an excellent article and an area as a chef that is most of interest – a small part here: Courtesy of News Press
Worryingly, considering it has been banned for years, the survey also uncovered DDT in 35% of burgers, oily fish, liver and smoked fish.

Paper to Use

A new report by the Pesticide Action Network UK has found tha,t contrary to many people’s assumptions, levels of pesticide residues in our food have risen over the last few years.

The report Pesticides on a Plate shows that 46% of the food surveyed contains residues of one or more pesticides. This figure has increased every year and has almost doubled since 2003 when it was just 25%.

As well as fruit and veg, bread and flour also rank highly. Moreover, several fruit categories had residues exceeding Government limits.

The figures are based on an analysis of government tests looking for hundreds of different pesticides in everyday foods. This reanalysis by PAN-UK shows that overall as much as 40% of the food we eat contains residues of highly toxic substances that have been linked with developmental defects, cancers and other disorders.

No such thing as ‘safe’ levels

In most cases…

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