Thirsty? Talk to the Water Sommelier

When l thought the world could not get any crazier along comes someone, who provides different types of water ,provided by a sommelier!

This is what a chef drinks by the gallon:

National Forest Spring Water captures the flavours and goodness of the truly green environment it comes from.

Drink in the English countryside!

Our water is inspired by and sourced in The National Forest – a natural attraction in the making that provides access to acres of countryside and the opportunity for countless rural leisure activities.

National Forest Spring Water is fed from gravel beds 220ft beneath the surface on the edge of the historic Derbyshire town of Melbourne. It is bottled at source using state-of-the art facilities.

It comes still or sparkling – naturally pure – and is also available with a Forest Fruit flavour to add a sparkling fruity twist.

Enjoy its natural advantage!


Giuseppe Novena, sommelier presso l'Hotel Herm...

Giuseppe Novena, sommelier presso l’Hotel Hermitage (Photo credit: VinoFamily)


Not in the mood for wine tonight, but still want to feel real classy? Then boy, do we have a trend for you! Introducing the refreshing new concept of the water sommelier. As the Daily Meal notes, water menus — and even water bars — have been springing up all over the place. Because face it: just ordering plain old tap water is so passé. And so, this apparent demand for gourmet water has in turn sparked a demand for water specialists.

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The Los Angeles Timesrecently profiled one such H20 virtuoso: Martin Riese, who on Monday launched a water menu at Ray’s and Stark, the restaurant at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Riese serves as the restaurant’s general manager — and now, he’s also the chief water sommelier. His menu will feature 20…

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