Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian Dream Realised! Fabulous decor and a great place to eat!



Highlights: The decor, the bar food, and the fact the staff all spoke with “geezer” accents just like Jamie’s!!

I couldn’t believe it! We were finally here, after months of looking enviously at the queue of people outside, and even more enviously at those already inside, I could finally say I’d been there, done that! Jamie’s Italian could be ticked off my to-do list!

Yes, the having to wait an hour for a table was a bit of an anti-climax once we finally made it inside, but there was a nice bar, so we thought why not just sit back and relax and take in the Jamie Oliver experience. I was lucky to spot, out of the corner of my eye, a couple leaving the bar, so I grabbed a table, which made the wait a lot easier, as I hate standing around!

We ordered the bar food whilst we…

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