TV Review: Rick Stein’s India

Just a great series for serious chef’s who want to cook great curries!

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With the chicken korma now practically a national dish in the UK, British curiosity about Indian cuisine is naturally growing, with more and more specialist ingredients and recipe books available by the minute. Rick Stein provides a charming mixture of both cultures by taking his knowledge of the Cornish fishing scene on a tour of the vast and diverse country of India, particularly delighting in the nation’s range of seafood dishes. Naturally, to encourage viewers to purchase the series’ accompanying book, not all of the recipes used in the programmes are well-documented: while some are available on the BBC website, others will need to be scribbled down quickly and approximately if you wish to try them at home (we’ll be putting the chicken and barberries through its paces tonight).

Stein approaches with an open mind all of the areas and cuisines that he experiences, showing great interest in the regionally…

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Salvia Warning After Baby Grabbed From Pram

#MustRead for all parents! Just because something says legal does not mean it is safe! As quoted by Cbcburke9’s article, excellent read.

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Police have issued a warning after it emerged a 16-year-old arrested on suspicion of grabbing a baby from a pram and throwing it to the floor had taken the legal highSalvia.
The infant was attacked at around 3.20pm in Newbiggin when the child’s mother saw someone acting in a distressed manner.
She approached him and began talking to him, at which point he grabbed the baby from the pram and threw it to the ground before leaving the scene.
The child was taken to Wansbeck Hospital and suffered what have been described as very minor injuries, while the youth was arrested nearby on suspicion of assault and is in custody.
Superintendent Mick Paterson said: “Our advice is, just because it says ‘legal’ on the packet does not mean it is safe.
“These products are usually made from chemicals that can have a serious effect on your health.

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