Dyslexic chef Jamie Oliver has finished reading a book for the first time


Data-driven health practice MDRevolution launches web-based employee wellness service


Back in April, I wrote about MDRevolution and its effort to build a next-generation health practice that combines cardiology, nutrition science and genetics with new mobile health technology. Now, the San Diego-based company is trying to take its program national.

On Wednesday, at the Digital Health Summit in New York, the company announced the launch of RevUp, a subscription-based online service for employers, health systems and physician groups. It aggregates a wide range of patient information – from fitness trackers and other devices to genetic and other health data – and provides each patient with a customized health plan. Through the service, patients can log their progress and receive personalized feedback and coaching, and it lets employers and physicians monitor progress as well.

RevUpSince 2012, MDRevolution has run a San Diego facility that blends the clinical mindset of a doctor’s office with the research focus of a lab. It…

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The application that tells us how we feel…

The application that tells us how we feel with our health issues, the problem is that we believe too much of what people tells us! The results can eventually be skewed in favour drug companies, should they want to put #profitb4people