When your body becomes your password

When our health and well-being becomes controlled by the scientists and drug companies! Thus destroying our bodies from the inside out!


In a post over the weekend, New York Times reporter Nick Bilton touched on a startling concept: in the age of ingestible computing and wearable technology, are our bodies going to serve as passwords for next-generation technology?

Of course, one way for people to become passwords is to eat technology. Ingestible biosensors, like the ones advanced by Proteus Digital Health. While these pills are specifically meant to serve as biosensors that help with diagnose medical problems — like a patient’s failure to take medication — and communicate results via smartphone, this technology could eventually become a way to identify a person and communicate that to gadgets.

Bilton outlines the implications: “Once that pill is in your body, you could pick up your smartphone and not have to type in a password. Instead, you are the password. Sit in the car, and it will start. Touch the handle to your home…

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