The Amazon Bundle: Why the Retail Giant Is Like the Cable Company of the Future

Amazon grows to fill the consumer need for online shopping!


Infinite books, fast shipping, free streaming, fresh groceries: What kind of company is Jeff Bezos building?   

by Derek Thompson (courtesy TechCrunch)

This week, Amazon announced plans to bring online grocery shopping to Los Angeles with a new service called Amazon Prime Fresh. For $79, Amazon Prime already gives customers two-day shipping and access to thousands of streaming movies and TV shows. But for a $299 annual fee, Prime Fresh members can order fresh food from their couch from Amazon and expect to pick up groceries at the door in a matter of hours.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has already trained Wall Street to expect that little he does will turn a profit for years, so don’t expect Prime Fresh to make much money. At least for now. This move continues Amazon’s assault on retail, where even giants like WalMart and Costco…

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