Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s

Today’s lies about our food will become the futures truths, as companies pioneer more ways to make us believe that this seed-change is for our good! Then not content with making billions out of changing our bodily functions, they will corrupt our children to follow in their footsteps! Making a corrupt world of decadent human beings, ever more corrupt in pursuit of #proftb4people!!

Adask's law

The tide of public opinion is turning against Monsanto and Genetically Modified Foods. The film below is evidence of that turn.

But, as the film explains, the problem is not simply Monsanto and other big, multi-national corporations. The problem goes to government being compromised and bribed to support the corporations rather than the people. It’s all about the money, not the food or the health or the people.

Today, we are presumed to live in an “economy” (based on “money”) rather than a nation (based on moral right and wrong). These two different systems (economy vs. nation) result in two different systems of values. When your social system is an economy, your values becomes skewed to favor profits. When your social system is a nation, your system of values is skewed to favor people.

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