Food TV Review: Masterchef, series 9 (episodes 3-5)

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A bumper edition of Masterchef to review today thanks to three episodes having been transmitted in one week!

Looking at the contestants presented to us in episode 3 – Helen, Ruaridh, Rukmini, and brothers Barnaby and Ollie – and their range of looks and backgrounds, one begins to wonder: how far are winners selected based on marketability? Ultimately the winner of Masterchef is highly likely to go on to become a celebrity chef, so even if the least good-looking member of the cohort was the best cook, what would be the odds of them being selected as the winner? It’s difficult to say how far this comes into play, particularly since talented cook and (to my eyes) highly marketable Ingrid got kicked off the show last week. Unfortunately, Masterchef contestants can find themselves being criticised by the public right from their initial appearance: Twitter users began to snipe about Ollie…

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