Masterchef, series 9 (episodes 18 and 19)

Well we are heading up for a week of good food and excitement as the 4 semi-finalists now 3 finalists line up to spar it out! My money if l was a gambler is on Larkin, if he regains his confidence! But Natalie is my type of cooking, simple, pretty and delicious!

Ferret Food and Wines

The four semi-finalists have now been chosen: Saira, Larkin, Dale and Natalie. They have one week, at the end of which, one will leave. So, y’know. No pressure.


Firstly, Saira goes to cook at Benares, while Dale goes to Launceton Place, Natalie goes to Trinity, and Larkin is sent to Hole in the Wall (Cambridge). Restaurants seem to be selected according to contestants’ interests and style, which is nice. All are shown struggling a little, but I think this is down to selective editing. Plus, they’re Michelin starred restaurants and they’re amateurs – it was bound to happen and I think the editors have made it look worse than it is thanks to all the dramatic music etc. More interesting is that the four then get to cook for their mentors, with the mentors then offering constructive criticism. Natalie’s mentor invited her to taste the food she’d cooked for him…

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