Masterchef, series 9 (episodes 15-17)

Just thought this pic was lovely!

Ferret Food and Wines

Episode 15 saw a change of pace, with 6 cooks (Larkin, Dale, Shivi, Sophie, James, and Saira) being sent to cook for 200 maintenance engineers at Heathrow, with such mass cookery seeming to me to be good preparation for professional cookery. The cooks are not appearing chronologically, so it makes the viewer wonder if they have been sorted according to their general ability.

The two teams (Sophie heading up James and Shivi, and Saira leading Larkin and Dale) have two and a half hours to create 2 savoury dishes and a pudding for the engineers. Saira’s team prepared sweet and sour pork, bœuf bourgignon, and sticky caramel and pear sponge. Meanwhile, Sophie’s team made lamb and apricot tagine with couscous and root veg, salmon balls with tomato sauce & roast potatoes, and lemon posset with frosted raspberries. Sophie’s team seemed to be working on dishes individually, which John sees negatively…

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