Good Food Equals Good Health

For a long time now l have had to advise people on their dietary needs! Some take notice, but many ignore good advice and end up taking more and more medication! The answer is simple eat good, well prepared healthy food, and stop eating convenience processed rubbish. What you put in to your body will provide you with a healthy life, start young and live long. Remember the golden rule ” What you put into your body makes you what you become” More tips soon. CJ (Resident Chef) Follow me @AceFoodNews and put #good-food-equals-good-health on every tweet or retweet and thanks.

Bloomberg finds allies in battling large sugary drinks

Less sugar in these drinks, will provide less health problems like diabetes in the future!

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New York’s Mayor Bloomberg may have lost the first round in attempting to limit the amount of sugary beverages people mindlessly drink, but the battle is certainly not over!

Like Bloomberg, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), an independent nonprofit consumer health group based in Washington, DC believes that you can have too much of a sweet thing, and launched a petition to the FDA asking that sugar be regulated.

In his letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CSPI Executive Director, Michael Jacobson states that recent studies are beginning to demonstrate that the refined sugars (cane and beet sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, plain corn syrup and dextrose) are harming more than dental health. He also states that food and beverage manufacturers who aggressively market

high-sugar foods and beverages have made little effort to reduce the sales and/or the sugar content of their products.

Because the same…

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Feeding The Elderly In The Community

Having now studied feeding people that are both elderly and disabled, for past 12 years l have tried to inform the care providers, young and old of the value of good nutrition. It seems to fall on deaf ears as their own diets are so poor, they do not understand good nutritionous meals. So firstly l have set about teaching the providers not the ones who need to receive last. I have called this way of teaching method ” the first and last way to good health’ l will let you know how it goes in the near future! @AceFoodNews #good-nutrition-provides-good-health please retweet if you agree thanks chef CJ