Austerity Measures Cost Some People More Than Others

English: WRVS Vans at Vange. This photo was ta...

English: WRVS Vans at Vange. This photo was taken looking east from the footpath that skirts around Vange Wharf. It shows the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service “Meals On Wheels” vehicles in their depot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Evening Standard reports that elderly and disabled people in Wandsworth are to lose their hot meals on wheels service as the council attempts to save £150,000. The authority will replace the prepared dinners with frozen meals which can be heated at home, or it will give the elderly £2.70 to spend in local shops or cafes on fresh produce.

This type of article that l have just copied and posted ,really incenses  me as, so many local councils for years have wasted money! Most of their crack-pot ideas have included statues, water fountains and the like! That is alright when we had plenty of money in the coffers, but should have ended in 2008 ,when we got a wake up call!  But nobody heard the call they were too busy with ” snouts in the trough” lapping up all the gravy{not bad for a chef}

Anyway let us dissect the councils proposal in more detail and what we see as with so many other councils, the elderly will lose their ” Meals On Wheels” but instead get a frozen meal, usually with as much nutrition as a cardboard box! Also should they prefer instead, they can have a measly sum of £2.70, to spend in local shops or cafes!  Where they could buy  “Fresh Produce”! Have they ever been into a shop to get “Fresh Produce” or a “Cafe To Get A Meal”, you do not get much for £2.70, nowadays! But of course they would not know this, as they have always been able to claim their expenses!

This is disgusting and all because local government cannot control their finances and stop spending ” Tax Payers Money”!

Anyway had my rant and added an opinion poll, please take part and l will gather statistics and maybe even let this government know how we feel!

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