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As many of these posts will be provided by other people for and on my behalf. I thought a little about me might start this new blog!

Anyway first my name is Chris and my experience would take much more time than l have to spare, today. So suffice to say after 30 years of working in various restaurant’s, a private school and for a food consultancy and now a care home, l have learned a lot about food and health. Also just recently l qualified as an assessor to give training for people who would like to eventually one day, to become a chef! Not an easy path to take as it requires a very special person with dedication and with only one thought to give the best food you can, every day!

At present my day-to-day is about providing good quality ingredients, cooked well and tasting great! At the same time training a new person to cook and looking after a busy kitchen providing a range of meals of all types for the residents of the home.

If l was to sum me up in a few words, l would say l love my job even though some days are frustrating, annoying and do not always go to plan! But would l do anything else as a profession, the answer is simply NO!

Finally l will look to give my thoughts and feelings about the profession, food l like to cook and recipes from some of my favourite chefs. Anyway wanting to ask anything please leave your name and a contact email and l will reply to everyone?

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Regards, Chris known to people as CJ


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  1. Por lo tanto, me gradué con un título de negocios y yo sólo estoy trabajando en un trabajo de oficina regular que realmente no odio (ya que paga las facturas) al mismo tiempo, me siento como que puedo salir a mejores oportunidades, o incluso una diferente carrera en Tecnologías de la Información. Tengo algunas respuestas rápidas de e-mail de profesores universitarios y profesionales, pero no hay respuestas no son muy específicas e incluso tengo un familiar que esté involucrado en este campo (que me llevó a tener intereses), pero me siento como su certificación es “obsoleta” en términos de lo que tengo que perseguir por primera vez en esta etapa actual.


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